Orient Electric Xline LED tubes at Electroma

Electroma is Surat, Gujarat Based Industrial Electric Service provider and have distribution of Orient Electric for Professional Lighting.

  • Xline (Single-Side Connection): This model work on 6000K rated CCT. Ultralight Poly-carbonate LED retrofit tube light with high efficiency suitable for replacement of existing T8 & T12 fluorescent tube light with G13 lamp holder. Xline have three types base on watts. LTXL-09-C consume 9W watts, LTXL-15-C consume 15W watts, LTXL-18-C consume 18W watts and LTXL-20-C consume 20 watts accordingly.
Electroma Xline
Xline (Single Side Connection) & Xline XT (Double-Side Connection)
  • Xline XT(Double-Side Connection): Ultra-bright polycarbonate LED retrofit tube light with high efficacy of 120 lm/W. Suitable for the replacement of exisiting T8 & T12 Flurecent tube light with G13 Lamp holder.
  • Product Features: 
  1. Housing: Elegantly designed polycarbonate housing in opal finish to provide glare- free uniform distribution, High- quality polycarbonate end caps are snap-fitted to the housing. This product category comes under the product code LTXL-18-C-XT-DS which have Rated CCT 6000K with rated voltage 240 VAC grab this offer valuable product at you home place by get inquiry to Electroma.
  2. Optics: Polycarbonate diffuse to provide glare-free uniform light distribution. High-efficiency and long life SMD LED module with lumen efficacy of 140 lm/W to enhance the lumen output.
  3. Mounting: Directly installed in existing T8/T12 FTL conventional lighting fixtures as per shown in wiring diagram (diagram will provide with product)
  4. Accessories: Power by an integral contant-current driver suitable for 120-280 VAC working range and it provide surge protection up to 2.5 KV with IP 20 Protection.

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