Orient make Powerline Smart Tube 18W LTPS-18-C-M

Electroma believes in to save Energy and provides the Smart engineering solution so behalf of that goal Electroma Introduce you Orient Make smart tube for Retrofit purpose 18W LTPS-18-C-M (Double-Side Connection) and if you have single side connection than company will also provide for that too.

Orient Electric make Ultrabright LED retrofit tube light with aluminum

Smart tube electroma

housing and polycarbonate diffuser with integrated PIR motion Sensor, offers extra-dynamic energy-saving by timer-based dimming through occupancy-based light output; suitable for replacement of existing T8 and T12 fluorescent tube light with G13 lamp holder.

Powerline Smart Tube is design to be environment-friendly, without mercury, with inbuilt driver- dimming function to save up to 70% of energy. It is instant-start, flicker-free operation with detected range of 5 to 8 meter with a 120 degree – angle.

Product Features: Output current selector swithc – By which system wattage can be set as 18W. Inbuilt PIR Motion sensor – lights first get dimmed and than gradually switch off when no person is working. Timer-based dimming – Dimming upt to 20% rated power within interval time < 3 min.

Smart Features: This product take 18W (full Load) Input power with operating voltage range of 120-280 VAC and provide power factor of >0.9 with 2.5KV surge Protection. we can mount this directly installed in existing T8/T12 FTL conventional Lighting fixtures with protection IP 20.

We can use this product at Commercial buildings, residential building, offices, Industrial parking,  Storage area etc.

Wiring diagrame Smart tube


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