Earthing system:care before pursue

Electroma have experienced staff and take care of industrial electrical system as on maintenance side by side. Electroma is the best earthing system provider in surat, Gujarat location.

Before I explain earthing system the question raise that does your earthing really protect you? At present trend of purchasing chemical earthing or conventional earthing is increasing drastically. In order to be effective, any earthing system has to address the following major questions:

  • will it ensure fast isolation of faulty part of electrical installation in case of earth fault?
  • will it protect the human life and machinery for long time period?  (as like 15 to 20 years or more)

As of now conventional method is old and not effective as per Industrial requirement because of less efficiency and need more maintenance so we will discuss only chemical earthing.

  • How Earthing Protect us? 

Electroma_understanding of earthing systemEvery electrical system or machinery, earthing is connected with the body of the electrical equipment Each earthing system has a specific resistance value. when earthing is newly installed, earth resistance value comes to around 1-3 Ohms, whether it is cheaper models of chemical earthing fail to maintain the earth resistance value after 4-6 years. moreover, they do not provide proper earth fault current path so that fuse of MCB tripping getting delayed because of this only get an electrical accident.

Point to be consider before purchasing Chemical Earthing System

Regarding earthing system we have to ensure safety first, there are many aspects to be considers while going for a chemical earthing. Duplicate and cheaper chemical earthing use cheaper material in earthing electrode design and mix salt and coal powder in back filling material. Because of this, cheaper chemical earthing achieves low earth resistance value increases. Now whenever any electrical fault occurs, these cheaper chemical earthing fails to provide protection to human life and equipment due to failure or delay in tripping of MCB, protection relay or fuse which can cause fatal accidents, damage to electrical system and fire. Thus money saved in cheap earthing system ultimately result into high cost. why-w-r-best

Installation Method :

For normal Soil, make an 8 inch to 10 inch Dia. bore to a suitable depth in the soil to match the electrode length. Mix the ECIM (Earth Conductivity Improvement Material) with soft soil and throw a handful of the mix in to the pit. After removing the plastic sleeve. Place the electrode in the Pit.Electroma_chemical_earting thereafter throw 2 or 3 kgs. of the ECIM Soil mixture in the pit around the electrode for a Few minutes. Continue in this manner the earth filling process til the entire electrode is buried in the soil. Ensure that the consistency of the ECIM is pasty and not watery. Pour a few bucket of water around the pit. check the pit after 24 hours. this system is capable of giving lower earth resistance value under normal soil conditions. However it all depends on the resistivity of soil where electrode is installed.

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