Why Electrical Stabilizer is so required??

Electrical Stabilizer is a machine which stable the voltage according the requirement. we know that electricity generated by Wind, Solar, Water, Nuclear power etc. by this natural sources we are generally converting mechanical to electrical formation by using generators and thus we get the power and than Distribute to the end user mean while power may fluctuate and voltage imbalance due to this so many electric equipment damages.

To solve this problem so many voltage stabilizers available in the market

  1. Oil Cooled Voltage Stabilizer
  2. Air Cooled Voltage Stabilizer

if we use Servo motor to control the voltage ratings than it will became servo stabilizers.Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Electroma is became local partner of Stepon Powermac (India) Pvt. Ltd. for dealing in Surat ( Gujarat) Region. because of this client get the benefit of sales and service at the one window solution.

Stepon have different types of voltage stabilizer as like:



  1. Stepon Digital Automatic Servo Control Voltage Stabilizer (SCVS)

500 KVA 3 Phase Oil Cooled SCVS Features:

  • Designed to Correct Voltage: it protects expensive equipment from the mains of voltage fluctuation. that in turn leads to lowered cost of maintenance
  • Reduce Electricity Bill
  • Unmatched Excellence
  • Exceptionally Productive
  • Extremely Rugged Construction
  • Superior Design
  • Batter efficiency with fewer production
  • increase productivity rate
  • 100% deprecation, as per income tax act.
  • Electricity bill are reduced by approximately up to 20%
  • Servo Stabilizer Controlled voltage stabilizer’s average pay back period is merely about 18 months.

Accessories/ Options for Servo Stabilizer: 

  1. Audio Alarm at extreme input voltage
  2. Line Noise and Surge suppressor
  3. Ultra Isolation transformer at output
  4. healthy phase selector
  5. Harmonic filter for non linear load
  6. Input Out of range protection
  7. EMI/ RFI Filter
  8. Phase sequence protection
  9. Non – Standard rate for correction
  10. By pass feature

This makes the unique type of voltage stabilizers. this type of stabilizers mostly use in Hotels, Schools, Hospitals, Industrial usage where the delicate machinates Installed for different purpose.



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