Earthing & Lighting Arrester

Electroma is surat, Gujarat based Electrical service provider which providing different electrical related services at various industries. Every industry required proper earthing system for safety of Building, Machinery and human beings from Lightnings, Electrical over voltage, short circuit, etc.

Nowadays we can find that their is mainly two types of earthing system we have been developed till date.

  • Conventional Earthing System uses pipe or plate as electrode and mixture of salt and charcoal is used as Back Filling Compound. Due to use of Salt and Charcoal it gets fast corrosion which reduced the life of Earthing System. The resistance value of Earthing system increases over a time. Conventional Earthing system which is used from years require more installation time, frequent maintenance, having lesser life and unreliable.electroma_conventional earthing.jpg
  • Chemical earthing system which is durable, maintenance free, cost effective and long lasting solution. because of this only is features so many industries recommended chemical earthing.Electroma_chemical_earting.jpgAdvantages of Chemical earthing:
  • Easy to install
  • Practically maintenance free technology
  • Corrosion resistive system
  • Longer and reliable service life than conventional earthing systems
  • Highly reliable for safety of human life
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Instant dissipation of the fault, lightning and short circuit current
  • Capacity to take fault current repeatedly
  • Maintain the low resistance value over a very long period having the minimum fluctuation.
  • deal earthing system for all kind of electrical application, sensitive electronic equipment link Computers, CNC machines, ATMs, Medical Instrument etc.

Eectroma is no 1 solution provider for industrial electrical system at south Gujarat territory base on Surat, Gujarat location.

Lighting Arrester : Lighting is natural phenomena and it can damage industrial premises and infrastructure and can cause fatal accident for human beings working in the premises. Electroma use lighting arrestor are heavy duty made from low carbon steel and subjected to copper bonding. Copper bonding is carried out by process of high quality molecularity bonding pure electrolytic copper (99.9%) on the surface of the arrester. Copper coating is 250 micron thick, which makes lighting arrestor unique in current handling during lighting strike. Four ancillary spikes and one main spike are provided for effectively taping of lighting current to earth. It protects building against lighting damages.

Lighting Arrester Electroma

For this basically electroma will provide product of

E - link advance chemical earthing_electroma.jpg