LA Installation

Electroma providing Building protection system from Lightning which we are generally called as lightning Arrester.

Lightning arrester is used where building, Industrial area, highly affected area or critical area where thunderstorms appears frequently. when single lightning appear approx 10000A generated and that would be ground within a micro second. Some times it takes more time than we can see the blast or entire area will be burning due to that lightning. IMG_20190613_165830   In general we see that Lightning arrester have two types

  1. Traditional Types: This is comes across the IS standard in that case we are taken Copper coated Rod and install to the top of the building or tower and link to the ground. that will protect you near about 15m of radius. if you want to cover more space than that will require more LA and that we have to make grid and than link with ground.
  2. ESE System:  This is new generation lighting system which is working on Early Streamer Emission principle and provide protection around 120m or radius. yes that is true this will be granted and tested by Indian laboratory. which design and manufacture with standard NFC 17-102.

Our installation portfolio: 

Installation of Strike Counter
Lightning Arrester Installation