LV Retrofit Solution

  • Basic Information

In General for 230V home/ Commercial purpose we use MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) with different current capacity as like 6A/10A/16A/32A/64A etc. with SP (Single pole), DP (Double pole), TP (Three pole) with Neutral etc. for Electrical safety and use different types of DB (Distribution Boards) for Human Safety.

The same way in an Industrial purpose 415V operation they are use Air Circuit Breaker (ACB) with different current capacity as like 800A/1000A/1250A/4000A etc. with TP (Three Pole)/ three Pole with Neutral (Four Pole) for electrical safety regarding Over Voltage fault, Short Circuit fault, Ground fault, Instantaneous fault and use different types of  Electrical Panels like MCC Panel, PCC Panel etc.  with use of  Copper/ Aluminium bus-bar for Current caring capacity.

  • Why Retrofit Solution Required ?

    Old Paper Machine Panel at The Sirpur Paper Mill (Telangana)
  1. Shortage of Material: After some years of install new panel Industrial people feel shortage material for old ACB maintenance and might be ACB supplier absolute the material or it may cost very high for specific material in that case client want some batter solution for that they may buy new panel or go for new generation ACB and retrofit it.
  2. Demand Increase: Some time due to industrial growth they required higher capacity of breaker because of heating issue due to low rating and higher consumption

Above both case if client go for new panel that may cost higher but if only specific ACB retrofit is cool idea.

Electroma have best team for the breaker retrofit job work and provide client to the smart engineering solution as per the client requirement. Electroma is provide one stop solution for the electrical utility.

Have some snap shot of Retrofit Job work


Installation of L&T make 4000A 4P ACB 
New ACB 1600A L&T make Omega
150 x 12 Copper Busbar Modification
Onsite Panel Welding

IMG20190527094111  IMG20190527094026

Hydraulic Punching machine
Panel door cutting